Dreaming Of Summer: Prepping Your Garage For Warmer Weather

Depending on how neglected your garage was during the winter, you might have a bit more cleaning to do, but that's alright. Take a couple of hours here and there over the upcoming weekends to get things in order.

Transitioning Your Entryway From Winter To Spring

Mudrooms are where you transform from an indoor person to an outdoor person and back again. It's time to reorganize for the new season.

The Perfect Host: Accommodating Guests With Double Wall Beds

How do you accommodate extra sleepers while still maintaining the integrity of the design of your home?

Out With The Old: New Offices That Inspire

An inspiring office environment will spur us to greatness.

How I Went From Being A Customer To A Design Consultant

Sometimes our customers love us so much they come work for us.

Roof Garden Walk-in Closet

How To Easily Declutter Your Home By 40%

You have too much stuff in your closet. The feeling of being weighed down by possessions is palpable and affects us every day. A new year is the perfect time to pare down your belongings.

2014 Color Of The Year: Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid is vibrant, captivating and suddenly everywhere.

Ferrari Garage

The 'Wow' Factor: Designing A Garage For A Ferrari

For many people, their car is much more than a way to get across town. It is a prized possession, perhaps an obsession or even a religion.

Settee Storage

Making Do: Working With Limited Budgets And Interesting Spaces

A mother of two was focused on organizing a couple of areas of her home, but there were two limitations: space and budget. We would have to be very creative in order to overcome these challenges.

Contemporary Men's Garage Lounge

Designing A New Kind Of Space: The Garage Lounge

There is no reason that your garage can’t be the most gorgeous room in your house.

Contemporary Media Center

Contemporary Living: Simplicity Through Design

People strive for simplicity and clean lines in their living environment because it creates a sense of serenity within the sanctuary that we call home.

Understair Entryway

Utilizing Unusual Space: The Entryway

Being welcomed home by a beautiful entryway is a great way to leave your cares behind.

Decorating With Wood Grain - Walk-in Closet

Four Great Reasons To Decorate With Wood Grains

You're not alone if you feel that decorating your home with natural-looking wood grains is more appealing than some of the more cold and hard modern finishes.

Dwell on Design - Hanging Decor

Dwell On Design: Bringing Texture And Color Into Your Home Decorating

The 2013 Dwell on Design show floor was bustling with excitement and overflowing with visually stunning home furniture and accessories.

Dwell on Design 2013 Rebar Trees

Dwell on Design 2013: Outdoor Inspiration

As a mainstay of the show, Dwell Outdoor has always been showcased, but this year, the organizers brought the outdoorsto the center of the convention area -- and to great effect.

Simone Jackson - Bookshelf

A Bookcase Beyond The Ordinary: Q & A with Design Consultant Simone Jackson

A couple wants to retire in Las Vegas and bought a house there with a mind towards preparing it for their golden years.

ssion Connection Ecorresin

Innovation and Responsibility: Enhancing Storage Solutions with an Eye Toward Sustainability

California Closets takes great pride in the innovation of our product line. We constantly seek partners that are forward-thinking and who support our beliefs in design.

Michelle Janzen - After

A Mother/Daughter Crafting Space: Q & A with Design Consultant LiShelle Trembath

Every person is unique and their homes reflect who they are and how they choose to live their lives.

Bellissima White Walk-In Closet

Shoe Palace: Converting A Spare Bedroom Into A Walk-In Closet

A simple, bright and fresh solution gives two ladies their own space but keeps the overall look cohesive, functional, and visually pleasing.

Laura Ochoa - Media Center

Double Duty: Designing A Hybrid Office/Entertainment Center

When faced with a challenge, sometimes the best route to a solution is to put one building block in place.

Black on Black Table

More from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show: Black is The New Black

Although there were beautiful examples of color at the Architectural Digest Home Show, this season has a heavy emphasis on black.

Kinky Boots

Architectural Digest Show 2013: Dining by Design 2013

California Closets' Chief Design Officer Ginny Snook Scott visited the Architectural Digest Home Show in Manhattan, March 2013, and brought back some photos and stories.

Rooftop Garden Apt - Emerald

2013 Color of the Year: Emerald

To match the emerging economy and people's excitement to reinvest in their homes, Emerald Green makes a splash into decorating for 2013.

Office - Ecoresin

Incorporating Texture Into Your Décor

Texture adds depth and intrigue to a space. When designing, you should not only consider the colors and hues that you are going to include, but also which textures you want to incorporate.

Tara Blanchet Entry Closet - After

The Perfect Person For The Job - A Designer Designs Her Own Entryway

Tara Blanchet moved into a town home and watched her neglected entryway closet snowball into a disaster.

See how she finally made the closet work for her.

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