Create Your Dream Man Cave with Lori Dennis

 Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a wine connoisseur or a film buff, a man cave can be the perfect place for you and your friends to retreat to after a long day.

Designing with a Designer: How to Collaboratively Raise the Bar

My client, Woo, is an awesome stylist who lives in a very modern home and she has dreamed of a very bright and flashy master accessories closet for years.

Designing a Home Library with The Booksmith

Books and the stories that come from books can impact readers in a number of profound ways.

Start The Year Right With A Simple, 2-Step Closet Makeover

As a new year comes around, so begin the resolutions for starting out organized and prepared for success. You can begin by creating your own beautifully organized and dreamy walk-in closet with these simple steps.

10 Tips For Keeping Your Holidays Running Smoothly

The holiday season can be tricky sometimes.

We love our families and look forward to warm and happy gatherings, but the stress that is often generated around all the proceedings sometimes threatens to make us crazy.

Creating Flow with JAC Interior's Isla Schmidt

Flow is often misunderstood as the way to transition spaces, like hallways, that lead people from one room to another. In practice, flow is actually how furniture and design elements help you better use a space and navigate between different rooms of the home. With Isla’s help, creating a well-designed, beautifully crafted space that enhances flow is simple:

Wardrobes and Armoires: Creating Storage Space Where None Previously Existed

From their very beginning, back in the 1600s, armoires and wardrobes have been an example of fine interior art.

The Perfect Retreat: A Master Bedroom for Wine Lovers

Question: Which is the best room in the home to enjoy a glass of wine?

Answer: Any room!

Case Study in Dream Fulfillment: The Schafer Home

After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, Jane and Alan Schafer decided that they wanted California Closets storage solutions in their home, just like they had when they lived in Southern California.

Pre-Holiday Planning: Get Your Pantry In Order!

Here’s your early heads-up: The holidays are coming.

Remodeling and Redesigning with CUTmodern

Purchasing and moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming: exciting because of the opportunity to completely redesign a space and truly make it your own and overwhelming because this design needs to accommodate your family’s needs as it grows. Lee and Megan from CutModern share some of tips on how they redesigned their new Mill Valley home to fit their design and functional needs:

Our Favorite Accessories: Dividers, Rods, and Hooks

When transforming your master bedroom closet, having a good foundation with enough shelves and drawers is a terrific start, but it takes accessories to fully customize and optimize the space to perfection.

Back To School: Helping Your Kids Succeed

There's no avoiding it now. Kids are going back to school, some as early as this week!

In his adult life, Albert Einstein wore white shirts and black ties every day, because he didn't want to clutter his mind with decisions that had nothing to do with his work. By wearing the same thing every day, his mind was free to explore and imagine and learn.

Design Insights: Designing Smaller Spaces with Goodwin House

Living in a smaller space doesn’t mean sacrificing design for storage capabilities. Oftentimes, it just means creating a more creative and innovate small space design. Jeff Sredni of The Goodwin House shares some of his tips on apartment living and making the most out of small spaces.

Back to School and Back to Work: Organize the Whole Family This Fall

You've probably noticed the Back-To-School sales starting to pop up here and there. If you're a fortunate parent, your child is getting excited about starting classes, meeting new teachers, making new friends, and getting prepared to dive into their studies.

Making Do: How To Create More Space When There Isn't Any

Recently, the Merediths found themselves with a classic problem: They needed more closet space. The catch, however, was that they did not want to pare down their belongings or move walls to create a bigger closet.

Recipe for Success: Helping Your Kids Eat Better During the Summer

I think we can all agree that if there are kids involved, summer is the most chaotic season by far.

Dwell on Design Show 2014

At the Dwell on Design show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, local and national designers and national brands showcase new home furnishing and décor of all styles.

Entertaining At Home: Hosting A Perfect Summer Movie Night

For a lot of families, summer is the time of year they look forward to the most. No more bundling up in layers of clothing, no more hiding indoors. Summer is for going to the beach, hiking, swimming in the lake, and riding bikes all day long.

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kids' Bedrooms

Let's face it. Once school is out for the summer, kids don't want to think about teachers, books and homework for a few months. 

A Place For The Guys: Creating A Man Cave

When men and women cohabitate, there is quite often a great deal of shared space. Both people collaborate to make decisions regarding decor in most of the common areas. The responsibility for decorating rooms such as the living room, bedroom, and entryway falls on the shoulders of everyone.

Designing A Craft Center To Free Creativity

Clutter is the enemy of creativity.

When you're banging your elbows, knocking stuff over, or are unable to find the tool you need - even though you had it in your hand a second ago - your creative spark will be extinguished quickly.

New Trends At The Milan Furniture Fair 2014

While attending the Salone del Mobile Milano (Milan Furniture Fair) this April, I spent my time trendspotting, looking for inspiration on what to bring back to the design table at California Closets.

Evolution Of Design At The Milan Furniture Fair 2014

One of the most rewarding and informative experiences I get to enjoy is the privilege of attending the Salone del Mobile Milano (Milan Furniture Fair) on behalf of California Closets.

The Importance Of An Organized Laundry Room In Spring And Summer

It may seem counter-intuitive, but spring and summer are likely the busiest times of year for your laundry room.

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