Winter Organization: 6 Tips for Fun Snow Days

Cal Closets snow day and coffee

6 Steps to Prepare for Snow Days

It can be a pain to be stuck inside when the snow is piling up outside. But it doesn’t have to mean boredom – or a frenzied trip to the store. Get organized before the big storm hits and you’ll love having a “snow day”!

Stock up on non-perishable staples.

Avoid the hordes elbowing grandmas out of the way to get the last gallon of milk. Think ahead and keep plenty of rice, pasta, and quinoa on hand, along with some frozen vegetables. You can also purchase unrefrigerated soy and almond milks ahead of time.

Remember the comfort foods.

Cal Closets snow day - hot chocolate


Next time you’re at the store, grab a few extra cans of your favorite chili or soup and a box of cornbread mix. You will love these dishes when it’s freezing outside!

Prepare for hot beverages too! Stock up on some tea, coffee and – of course – hot chocolate. There’s nothing like a mug of hot chocolate after hours of shoveling the car out of the snow. You’ll feel like a kid again.

Create a snow day play box.

This can work for you or the kids! Put aside some new games – or old favorites that you haven’t played for a while (Yahtzee, anyone?) Forget boring TV shows. Have a surprise game session during a cold blizzard day.

Prep fun home projects.

The photos you keep meaning to organize, the recipes you want to file – put aside these projects with whatever tools you’ll need (tape, glue, scissors, filing labels) for that day (or those days) you’re stuck inside from the snow.

Bake the day away.

What keeps a house warm and smelling amazing? Baking! Put aside a few brownie or cake mixes, freeze some pre-made cookie dough, or just keep your bake-from-scratch supplies on hand. Your family will be thrilled with a snow day that’s so sweet!

Stay safe.

If a storm is really severe, you may lose power. Make sure you’ve got flashlights, candles, and plenty of blankets on hand in case you lose electricity or heat.

Don’t let wintertime get you down! Have fun spending time with family, working on home projects, or just enjoying the gorgeous snowy views.

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