The Winner of Our Father's Day Contest: Congratulations, Ken!

California Closets Father's Day contest prizes

Ken wins this Father's Day gift set!

It was pretty difficult to choose a winner for our California Closets Father's Day Contest. There were so many touching nominations for dads who went above and beyond in their love and dedication to their families.

But we had to choose just one dad to win - and we chose Ken, from Boardman, Ohio who was nominated by his wife Laura.  Ken will receive our special Father's Day gift set, filled with dad-centric goodies!

Here's what Laura had to say about Ken:

I am writing for my 1 year old daughter (Alivia) to nominate her daddy / my husband (Ken). Alivia truly has the best daddy in the world. He is 29 years old and has a heart of gold. All of his free time is devoted to his family! He lights up every time he looks at our beautiful 1 year old daughter. I can just see in his eyes how much he loves her. He has more patience then anyone I have ever met. He wakes up in the middle of the night when she is crying to help me put her back to sleep. He changes just as many, if not more diapers than I do. And most importantly he makes her laugh- She is only 1 year old but she thinks her dad is the funniest man around. I knew 2 years ago when I married Ken that someday he would make the best dad and sure enough I was right.

1 month ago Ken recently got layed off from his job after 4 years of being employed there. It was such a dissapointment however Ken did not let himself get down about it. In fact, he looked at it as a new opprotunity for something better to come along. While he spent the last few weeks looking for a new job he also took full advantage of being able to be home with his family and enjoyed every minute with his baby girl.

After filling out many applications, this past week Ken started his new job!! Congratulations Ken!! I am so proud of him and I know when our daughter get’s older she will be just as proud of him as I am now.

Now when my husband get’s home from work he spends his time playing outside with our daughter. He loves to take her on walks around the neighborhood and show her off to all the neighbors. He is so proud of her!

Finally, what makes my husband even a better dad is that after he get’s done working all day and comes home to play outside with our daughter he goes over his best friends house and helps put their son to bed, then comes home and helps me put our daughter to bed!!

The reason he helps put his friends son to bed is because they have a 2 year old and his wife is currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins!! Due to some serious complications she was put on permant bed rest for her entire pregancy and cannot under no cercumstances lift her 2 year old up nor can she walk up a flight of stairs. So my husband offered to help put their 2 year old to bed whenever they need him. And since his best friend is a fireman and spends a few nights a week sleeping at the station on those nights my husband goes over and helps out with thier little boy!!

Alivia truly has the best dad in the world and I know someday when she grows up she will really appreaciate all he does for her and our family!! After seeing how he is with our daughter he makes me want to have many more children with him!!

Congratulations, Ken! And thank you to Laura and all of the other entrants who took the time to show how loved and appreciated the special dads in their lives are!

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