spring cleaning

The Importance Of An Organized Laundry Room In Spring And Summer

It may seem counter-intuitive, but spring and summer are likely the busiest times of year for your laundry room.

Dreaming Of Summer: Prepping Your Garage For Warmer Weather

Depending on how neglected your garage was during the winter, you might have a bit more cleaning to do, but that's alright. Take a couple of hours here and there over the upcoming weekends to get things in order.

Transitioning Your Entryway From Winter To Spring

Mudrooms are where you transform from an indoor person to an outdoor person and back again. It's time to reorganize for the new season.

Decluttering & Selling on eBay

Sell or Donate? What To Do After You De-clutter

You've done the hard work of spring cleaning and decluttering. But now you're left with a pile of unwanted items. They're not exactly trash - in fact, they could be someone else's treasure. So what now? Our organizing expert Dan outlines the pros and cons of selling or donating your unwanted belongings via eBay, Craiglist, Goodwill or a garage sale - so you can decide which approach works best for you!

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