Surprise! Kids Love Custom Closets Too

Being a California Closets design consultant for as long as I have, it’s rare that I find myself in a new or unique situation. But that’s exactly what happened last month.

I had the pleasure of being someone’s surprise birthday present and that someone was only seven years old!

Surprised Girl iStock

Surprise! My client was a 7-year-old girl who needed a custom closet :) (Not pictured.)

A Surprise Design Consultation

I was prepared before I got there that it was going to be a surprise so when I knocked on the door I expected to hear “Who is it?”

I did not expect this wonderful little girl to answer the door and to be absolutely over the moon when she realized I was there to redo her closet. I kept thinking “what seven-year old gets excited about organization?”

When I got upstairs and saw her closet I realized why she was so happy that I was there! Her current closet was a disaster.

There was a very long return wall on one side which made it difficult to access. To make it even harder there was a huge dresser in the closet that limited the access to a little less than 10”. This little girl was the only one in the family tiny enough to squeeze past the dresser to get to the stuff at the back of the closet!

A Closet That Fits

I quickly assured her that we would be able to build her something better, something she didn’t have to stay seven years old to continue to access.

I explained to her Mom that we could build an adjustable closet that would grow with her - that the poles and shelves could be moved around in the future when her clothes changed. I also promised to design something special for storing all of her art supplies, stuffed animals and other toys – and to make it fun!

A Beautiful Closet for a Little Organizer

Her favorite color is yellow, so I suggested that we paint the back wall yellow so that the white closet would show beautifully against it.

I then designed the hanging and shelving so that it left access to the awkward area.

In the awkward area I designed a small drawer unit to house some clothing and some art supplies. I used beading on the drawer fronts to make it more whimsical and added cute pink and green plaid drawer pulls. We also installed beautiful butterfly hooks for her to hang her things.

She loved it! It’s functional, beautiful, and it will grow with her. I had a wonderful time designing this closet and I learned that we shouldn’t underestimate the need for organization, no matter how young our clients are.

Being organized makes life less stressful – even if you’re only seven!

Take a look:

California Closets yellow kids closet

A bright and cheery yellow wall sets the tone for this efficient closet with hanging rods and open shelving. Notice the butterfly hooks!


California Closets yellow kids closet drawers

The awkward space was rescued with smart storage with this drawer and shelving unit!

California Closets yellow kids closet shelving

This is a closet she can grow with! The shelving and hanging rods can be adjusted in the future.

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Tara Blanchet

Design consultant Tara Blanchet


As an interior designer and design consultant at California Closets VancouverTara Blanchet has ten years of experience helping people find the perfect look for their homes. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the excitement on her clients’ faces when they see that not only can they fit everything in their custom storage system, but it looks wonderful too.


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