Organize This! Makeover: Defeating the Toy Invasion

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A brand new media center!

Our 3rd Place “Organize This” Contest Winner: Jennifer Gilligan of Frisco, TX

Jennifer and her family won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. California Closets brought in design consultant Brent Irish and professional organizer Leticia Pfeiffer to transform their clutter and chaos into fun and relaxing spaces for the family.

The Gilligans’ story:

Like many parents, the Gilligans faced a typical problem: far too many toys and not nearly enough storage for it.

Their four-year-old daughter’s toys seemed to have minds of their own, scattering themselves all over the house the moment they were neatly stored away, once again invading every part of their living space.

The media room had turned into a disorganized playroom overrun by toys and even featuring a 4x3 foot train station. “Little Miss Sassypants”, as sweet as she was, appeared to be taking over the house!

Jennifer’s vision was to see everything neatly in its place and to know exactly where everything was – no more toys throughout their home.

The California Closets solution:

Brent, Leticia and Jennifer determined that the media room was where the biggest transformation could take place.

With the right design, the Gilligans could have a room that was both a family entertainment center and a playroom.

The new setup is a perfect combination of the two: a gorgeous entertainment center with shelves, drawers and cabinets for abundant storage plus custom-ordered rattan baskets for their daughter’s toys.

One of the features was used in a surprising way: little Evie decided that the new seating area could also double as a stage for her to perform on!

Now the Gilligans can relax together as a family and Evie has a place to play with her toys – and put them away.

“We were BLOWN away by what Brent designed for us!! Thanks a million - you totally have saved our lives with your design! LOVE IT.”

Behind the scenes photos:

Check out our photos of the design process – including design renderings and before and after shots!

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