The One Simple Thing That Will Get You Out Of The House On Time Every Time

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Is this you in the morning?

Does this sound familiar?

Determined to get to work on time, you hurry through your shower, haphazardly pick out your clothes, quickly get dressed, hustle through breakfast, throw together a lunch, rush out to the car – stopping once or twice to head back into the house when you remember something you’d forgotten - and speed through traffic, arriving at work stressed and…

...only one lousy minute earlier than usual? How could that be?

The answer is simple: you’re looking at the problem from entirely the wrong perspective.

You are late, because you didn’t start early enough.

It sounds too obvious to be the root of the problem, doesn’t it? The truth is that we are all guilty of inflating our abilities and counting on ourselves to come through in the clutch. A great many of us expect this sort of above-and-beyond performance every morning, regardless of weeks, months, or years of less than stellar results.

There is no chance you will make up time along the way (and you should never try to make up lost time on the road!). The journey takes as long as it takes, no more and no less. It’s easy to assume that if we cut corners, go faster, and rush we will miraculously find ourselves with time to spare. Deep down we all know better.

The easy solution to overcoming lateness and reducing the associated stress is:

Keep your routine as it is, but start the process earlier.

Both parts of this idea are equally critical.

You don’t need to add a significant amount of time to your morning. Ten or fifteen minutes should be enough. It is vitally important, however, to stick with the routine you’ve already got. The tendency might be to think that you’ve got all this extra time now, so hitting the snooze button once more or adding a task here and there will be fine, but that’s how you get into trouble.

The key to success is to adhere to both halves of the equation: add a little more time and keep the same amount of tasks.

When you've mastered the one simple thing, here are some other ideas that will help keep you on schedule in the morning:

  • Choose your clothes the night before and lay them out. Try them on at this time to avoid surprises in the morning.
  • Make and pack your lunch before you go to bed so you can just grab it and go in the morning.
  • De-clutter and organize the areas of your home that are part of your morning routine. Neat bedroom closets, entryways, and kitchen pantries will help you find things more easily, reducing your stress and increasing your efficiency.
  • If you’ve got kids to wrangle in the morning, do all of the above for them, too. Getting kids in the habit of starting earlier and being more efficient will pay off for everyone in the long run.

Leave a comment below if you’ve got other time-saving tips that help you get where you are going with an impeccable on-time record!


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