No More Morning Madness: Tame Your Closet

Did you wake up on time, get a nice hot shower, only to towel off and enter the battle of “Now, What Do I Wear?!”

Is entering your walk-in closet like stepping into the heaving walls of the Roman Coliseum?

Every morning you toss aside leopard print tops, fend off raining piles of sweaters, and side-step the treachery of your alligator loafers. Now you’re late for work and the only thing you’ve gained is one animal print too many in today’s ensemble.

Time to get organized and de-stress the morning madness!

California Closets Bedroom Shoe Racks

Sort shoes by occasion and keep frequently worn ones at eye level.

First, pick up your shoes.

  • Go from top to bottom with dressy, occasional shoes at the top. Slant the shelves, if you are so inclined, to show off these pretty little pets.
  • In the middle, slide in the everyday work shoes and flats that keep you on the move. Keep yourself on schedule and on task by making these shoes easy to see at eye level, and easy to retrieve off of a flat adjustable shelf.
  • At the bottom, get yourself a tall basket or bin to toss in your rainbow of flip-flops and careless slip-ons.

Next, take on the Leaning Tower of Cashmere - your sweaters.

  • Sort by weight, then by color. This will break things up by season and mood and create short stacks to slip in between shelves.

Belts and scarves can be little purchases that affect your routine in a BIG way.

  • Organize your belts by purpose, accentuating-your-tiny-waist-fashion belt versus your holding-up-your-pants belt, then color.
  • Hang belts in a low-traffic location, perhaps by your long dresses.
  • Section off scarves in much the same way: thick winter scarves, long-fashion scarves, cute little neck scarves.
  • Fold your thick scarves and slip them on a shelf.
  • Alternate hanging the long and the short ones, so they offset each other for a better view and accessibility.

Tame the tiger inside your closet, so that if you linger in the morning it can be with your latte!

Heather Bishop California Closets Sales Manager

Heather Bishop


Heather Bishop was a Project Design Coordinator for 5+ years at California Closets Seattle. She recently moved to the Bay Area as a Regional Sales Manager for California Closets San Francisco.

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