Milan, Day 3: Chairs, chairs, chairs!

If you've been following my adventures at the Milan Furniture Fair so for, you know I've seen a dizzying array of designs for bedrooms, living rooms, libraries and more that feature gorgeous shades of gray, charcoal, and creme with bright bursts of color.

I've loved the combination of calm emotion with hopeful cheer that these designs convey.

But I've also been captivated by the chairs. Yes, the chairs!

They range from sleek and modern to whimsical and frivolous. Some are curiosities ("how do you sit in THAT?") and some are must-haves ("I want to sit in that FOREVER").

Here are some that really caught my eye this week. Let me know which ones YOU like:

ostrich feather chair

This was my favorite from Day 1 - Lavender ostrich feather!

California Closets in Milan - recycled clothes chair

Eco-chair: The vibrant colors are from recycled clothing.

California Closets in Milan - textured knit loops mermaid chair

Fave from Day 2: So edgy! Reminds me of a mermaid tail.

California Closets in Milan - variations on ghost chair

These were all inspired by Philippe Starck's original "ghost chairs".

California Closets in Milan -outdoor chairs - rock stacking

Can you picture these boulder-like chairs in your backyard?

California Closets in Milan -modern twist on the hammock

I'll just rest here. You can bring my daiquiri to me.

California Closets in Milan - dramatic red chair

This chair would be a dramatic addition to any office!

California Closets in Milan - lounge chair

The perfect poolside lounge chair?

California Clostes in Milan - grass chairs in acrylic

Organic + modern: Grass chairs in acrylic.

California Closets in Milan - glamorous fur

Fluffy and glamorous.

California Closets in Milan - unwind in style - lounge chairs

So lovely and sleek! I'd like another daiquiri, please.


This has been amazing week! I don't even know how many miles we covered at the fair. My feet are very tired, and we only got through four exhibit halls. Still, we saw a lot of inspiring designs.

We've got some plans for some new California Closets products that I'm so excited about, but I can't reveal just yet. Stay tuned!


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