Milan, Day 1: Depth, Texture & Colors

We've finished an incredible first day at the Milan Furniture Fair!

The space is amazing - one million square feet of exhibits (yes, that's one million) with "booths" that each look like a California Closets showroom themselves.  The vendors do not skimp on creativity and style when showcasing their products!

We spent all day perusing the new designs, and only made it through one exhibit hall! We concentrated on the contemporary designs and saw some interesting trends:

  • Gorgeous Wood Grain Finishes - We've seen this trend building for a long time: using textured laminates that look and feel like real wood. That's why five years ago we were the first closet company to introduce textured laminate options in our designs with our Lago® Italian Finishes line.  What I'm seeing at the fair this year is improving on that design substantially with stronger, richer textures that are just delicious to touch!
  •  Red Media Center Varying Depths

    Stunning use of color and varying depths at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.

    Eye-Catching Depth Variation - I saw this a little bit last year, and this year it is a predominant theme: Creating a storage or display unit with different parts, like cabinets, that have different depths. It gets away from the controlled boxy look and creates some very irresistible eye candy. You just want to look!
  • Contrasting Color Combos - This is another design trend that I see building from last year. At the fair this year, I'm noticing a lot of white shelving with dark drawers, and deeply textured dark wood exteriors opening into light, bright interiors with dark accents. It's a very elegant and dramatic style that looks like it's here to stay.

Another fun favorite of mine was this lavender ostrich feather chair! I'm not sure how it really fits into my office design ;) but it's just so gorgeous.

Tomorrow we'll be taking a closer look at European closet styles and new hardware.

In the meantime, check out our photo gallery on Facebook and follow our tweets of the event (we're at @caclosets using #milan11).

Ciao! :)

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