Making Do: How To Create More Space When There Isn't Any

Recently, the Merediths found themselves with a classic problem: They needed more closet space. The catch, however, was that they did not want to pare down their belongings or move walls to create a bigger closet.

Mr. Meredith is a busy executive who didn't want to waste time digging through an overstuffed closet every morning. Mrs. Meredith is a connoisseur of shoes, clothes, and accessories, always on the lookout for the next perfect piece for her collection.

The solution they agreed on was that he would sacrifice space as long as he could efficiently find what he needed.

But how could that be achieved in the space given, seeing that it was already overflowing? On top of that, they didn't want an island in their renovated walk-in closet. This would give them more available floor space, but take away valuable storage space.

During our consultation, we picked through the closet piece by piece in order to determine exactly how many suits, slacks, tops, dresses, shoes and ties we needed to account for. As with most things in life, once you know exactly what you're dealing with, the process of organizing it becomes far easier.

The Merediths were happily surprised when they saw that their space was more than adequate for their stuff. Using the space more economically allowed us to collaborate on a design that they were thrilled to have in their bedroom.

We raised the usable storage area up to the ceiling. That was a good start as there was a lot of available vertical space that wasn't being used. After that, we divided up the space appropriately, finding the right balance between shelving, drawers and hanging space based on the clothes and accessories they owned.

After all the big building blocks were in place, we found we had room to add some nice touches, such as glass shelves and cabinet doors, some with decorative panels and one with a full-length mirror. We also added some cubbies underneath the hanging space, another area that was previously underutilized. As you can see in the reflection in the mirror, we even created dedicated shoe shelves for Mrs. Meredith's extensive collection of footwear.

The Merediths are very happy with their new walk-in boutique closet, amazed every morning that we were able to find the space they needed while staying within the parameters of the project.

Erin Moore is an Executive Designer for California Closets Indianapolis and has been designing creative storage solutions since 2008. She loves her job and enjoys all of the amazing projects and people she encounters daily.