Make an Impact: Color Inspiration for Your Home

tropical sunset color inspiration for closet design

Bursts of color always inspire - why not consider them when designing your custom closet?

Imagine you are sitting on a beach in a tropical location.

The sun is getting low in the sky and most of the sunbathers are packing up their things. Brightly colored beach umbrellas in all shades and tones are coming down, rainbow towels are folded up, the days' events and items are all packed up into bags of every color.

Looking out over the rich turquoise water, the sky starts to come alive. The slowly sinking sun strikes the water, sunlight bounces off every ripple and wave, and the water is glowing in shades of yellow and orange.

Streams of pink and fuchsia flow outward from the sun and each little cloud starts to mimic the same tones. As the sun sinks lower, the sky starts to darken. Fuchsia fades to red and the blue sky starts to turn purple on the periphery. Then the sun disappears completely, as the red eventually fades to purple and the first stars twinkle in the night sky.

A show of color like this can take your breath away.

Now imagine the same scene in black and white. Not quite as special is it?

Color affects us. We live and thrive in color. Why would it be any different in your home and in your spaces?

Color Your Experience

As I often say to my clients "no one will ever go home and rave to their friends about your white walls or your beige carpet".

Choosing a color means choosing an impact. Investing in a color in your closet adds a wow factor.

Here are some examples of how to create a colorful experience in your home:

This is a home office that makes a statement. The combination of Bellissima White and Roman Walnut finishes with our beautiful Thatch Ecoresin panels make it feel warm and inviting. Colorful accessories, such as the glass vases and flower photographs, add elegant visual interest. The color in this space is layered perfectly to catch your eye but still remain subtle.

California Closets Modern office

California Closets home office designed with white and wood grain finishes, plus Ecoresin panels.


Choosing to use color doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to choose a colored closet material. There are many ways to create the wow factor and still use a white closet material. As you can see from this example, my client and I chose a white finish for the closet but put a bright orange wall behind it to make it really stand out. It looks fantastic! This look can also be done with a colorful or patterned wallpaper instead of paint.


California Closets Modern closet organization

California Closets reach-in closet with bold paint color.

A deep rich tone is another alternative to white or off-white. This closet would be beautiful and just as functional in white but in Venetian Wenge it makes a huge impact. As you enter the room this closet demands attention and immediately creates a conversation.

California Closets Beautiful Dark wood custom closet

California Closets walk-in closet in Venetian Wenge.

Another great option is to choose a finish like our beautiful Bellissima white and then add interest and contract by changing the color of the drawer fronts or the backing. In this image you can see that the closet is white but the drawers create a sense of style and visual interest because of their contrasting color and texture. Although small, this closet is worth showing off!

Custom drawer fronts in a  California Closets reach-in closet

California Closets reach-in closet with custom drawer fronts.


Never believe that you should "just go with white”. Let’s get inspired and make every space in your home worth talking about!

Tara Hatazawa

Tara Hatazawa


As an interior designer and design consultant at California Closets VancouverTara Blanchet has ten years experience helping people find the perfect look for their homes. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the excitement on her clients’ faces when they see that not only can they fit everything in their custom storage system, but it looks wonderful too.

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