How to Create a Stunning Media Center Design

With the advent of flat-screen technology and the ability to stream music and video from a wide variety of devices, well-designed media centers have evolved into necessities for 21st century homes.

A modern media or entertainment center should be the visual centerpiece of a room while performing the basic function of de-cluttering.

Design with those two principles in mind and you'll have a gorgeous media center that you'll love to use!

Media Center 01

This California Closets media center combines contemporary design with thoughtful organization.

Cables, Components, and Controllers

A traditional design with a rich finish, this media center looks great while still hiding cords and gadgets.

Here’s a small sample of what most of us house in our media centers:

  • Giant flat-screen TVs
  • Stereo components
  • DVD and Blu-Ray players
  • Gaming consoles

On top of that, we’ve got receivers to stream video from our computers and wireless internet. Add in chargers for phones, tablets and controllers and you’ve got the potential for a rat’s nest of power cords and connecting cables.

A media center’s most important job is to create space for all of these components to give the room a clean, finished look (while still leaving some room for the next must-have gadget).

When we see a jumble of wires snaking this way and that, it discombobulates us and makes us feel uneasy. It’s must easier to relax and enjoy a room where everything is organized and messy wires are stowed safely out of sight.

Visual Impact

Media Center 03

Our Bellissima White and Venetian Wenge textured finishes create a stunning contrast in this California Closets media center.

A great many entertainment centers organize well enough, but they don’t measure up when it comes to style.

Creating function is only half of the job.

A well-designed media center will match the current décor of a room and elevate the overall beauty at the same time. There are a lot of elements you can use to create a true centerpiece.

Here are a few of my favorite media center design ideas:

  • Doors with Italian glass or Ecoresin panels hide components.
  • LED lighting highlights photos, cherished knick-knacks, or prized pieces of art.
  • Acoustic panels allow you to hear your speakers but not see them.
  • Drawers store DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, videogames, remotes and all the little odds and ends that sometimes get strewn about because they have no home.

This sleek and contemporary design is the perfect fit for a tech-savvy but minimalist lifestyle.

While all of these functional features serve a practical purpose, when they are integrated into overall design concept, they work together to create a thing of beauty.

When working with your design consultant to create a custom design, make sure they understand the primary purpose of your media center and how it should integrate into your current décor.


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