Happy Earth Day! 4 Green Tips for the Organizing Guru

California Closets Organizing Tips for Earth Day 2011

Celebrate Earth Day with our four green tips!

You know all the tricks in the book for neat storage, efficient systems and organized style.

But do you know how to get organized in a way that’s healthy for the planet and your family?

In honor of the 41st Earth Day, here are four green tips for the organizing guru:

  1. Donate: It’s great to go through your closets and clean out that clutter! But you don’t need to “throw out” everything. Most clothing and household items can be donated, even if they’re slightly battered. Some Goodwill centers even accept all shoes – even singles – because they have the ability to recycle and reuse the parts. Ask your local donation centers which items they’ll accept before sending anything to the landfill. (You can also sell or give away items through websites like eBay, Craigslist and Freecycle.)

  3. Green cleaning: Conventional cleaning products use tons of toxic chemicals to achieve their cleaning goals. Aside from affecting indoor air quality, these chemicals get into our air, water and soil. But you can get your house clean just as well with homemade cleaners (vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice go a long way) or eco-friendly cleaners. No need to breathe toxic fumes just to clear off a little dust!

  5. Buy “pre-owned” for your home: It’s not just for cars. If you’ve cleared out your shelves and realize you still have some room for a few more items, explore eBay, Craigslist, or your local consignment and thrift shops to buy “new”. Better World Books is a great resource for “pre-read” books. It’s a win-win: You give old items new life, without contributing to the additional energy and waste involved with creating brand new products.

  7. Eco-painting: Maybe you’re not just spring cleaning, you’re spring redecorating! Nothing livens up a room like a new color. But before you choose your paint, check out the low- and zero-VOC options from reputable brands such as Benjamin Moore and Martha Stewart Living. You’ll avoid those toxic fumes that usually fog up a house after a new paint job and you’ll still have a revitalized décor!

What other green ways do you organize and decorate?

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