Ginny Q&A: Closet Organization for Fall & Winter


An entryway or mudroom system, like this California Closets design, can keep winter gear organized and accessible.

What difference does a season make when it comes to your home organization? A lot.

Fall and winter means different weather - which means different activities, clothing and gear. And that can lead to clutter if you're not careful.

Luckily, Ginny's here to help.

Q: What are the top mistakes people make when it comes to storage and organization in fall and winter?

GSS: One is bringing out scarves and gloves and hats and trying to throw them all into a gigantic basket. It turns into a nightmare when you’re trying to walk out the door.

Better to pair them off as a component of wardrobe, just like shoes. Store them together in a specific place just for each set. Don’t just jumble them up in big bin or big drawer, but instead  group hat, glove, and scarf sets separately.

The other issue is the coat closet.

A lot of times people look at a coat closet and think it's meant to encapsulate everything from spring rain jackets to big bulky ski coats to nice business trench coats.


Hooks keep wet, snowy or muddy coats and backpacks off the floor and ready to dry.

Your coat closet should just be for items that you use on a daily basis. Think about transitioning items from spring to fall to winter. Most items have a specific season. If it’s not the season for a garment, store it somewhere until it’s time to bring it back out.

Q: What are the top storage accessory must-haves for fall and winter?

GSS: Hooks!

Hooks are fantastic for kids and adults because it makes it so easy to put items away and to grab them on the go.

They're perfect for fall and winter weather, like rain or snow. For example, wet raincoats belong in mudroom or entryway with hooks so they won’t ruin other garments by hanging against them.

Q: What are your tips for an organized entryway during cold weather seasons?


Bins and baskets are smart ways to store fall and winter clothing.

GSS: People tend to stack up hockey sticks or snowboards in the corner, but just like gardening supplies, you want mounts for those things.

You don’t want kids yanking items out of a pile and making everything fall over.

Get gear mounted on racks for easy access.

And remember to take advantage of hooks, bins and baskets to keep all of the different cold weather items organized - and neat and clean!


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