Get Crafty: Organizing Tips for Your Creative Space

Ginny Snook Scott at her California Closets craft room

Ginny created a custom California Closets craft system for her gift-wrapping projects.

It's important for all of us to have a space for projects that tap into our creativity. That's why we love our craft storage designs so much - our clients get the opportunity to imagine, design and create all within an organized, relaxing environment.

Our own chief organization officer Ginny Snook Scott has a wonderful craft area that takes advantage of her family room by transforming a simple reach-in closet into a spectacular gift-wrapping center.

Ginny's system is perfect for her and her busy family because it prevents clutter while still nurturing creativity.

It's easy for craft areas to get messy with all of the tools and materials needed - from wrapping paper and ribbons to glue sticks, markers and stickers. You need a system for preventing clutter and keeping everything organized.

California Closets - Craft room ribbon organization and work area

Display craft tools and materials in an organized and accessible way with custom accessories like Ginny

Try these tips for organizing your craft room or gift wrapping center:

  • Use White Space: Working with white or neutral tables and shelves minimize distractions when using the workstation for crafts or wrapping items.
  • Be Creative: Use everyday materials to keep your craft space organized. For example, shoe racks can double as a place to hang ribbon and store wrapping paper. Or, in large drawers, use lingerie dividers to organize wrapping paper rolls in a standing up fashion.
  • Beautify with Baskets: There are many advantages to using baskets with lids - they can easily be removed from the shelf, they look pretty and are very functional to keep the clutter tucked away.
  • Simple Solutions: Install hooks and utilize hanging space for gift bags. Place utensil and organizer trays in drawers to contain pens, pencils, markers, pins, tape and glue.
  • Be Inspired: Add a cork board and build an inspiration board for craft ideas and clippings. Display colorful materials that you use regularly so they're accessible and visually uplifting.
  • Bright Light: Install electrical outlets in the area to plug in hot glue guns, or anything else that needs electricity. Add bright, natural lights so you're not hunched over squinting at your handiwork.
  • Include the Kids: The craft room makes a great area for kids to do quick school projects and/or crafts on a rainy afternoon. Keep their tools and materials organized in special bins or containers that they can decorate - and easily access and put away when they're finished.

Ready to get your craft room organized? Check out our craft storage designs and Ginny's craft room pictures to get inspired!

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