Is Feng Shui the Organizing Answer You've Been Searching For?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of design and organization that focuses on the subtle flow of energy in a space. Practitioners of feng shui say that it helps you create peaceful, harmonious and beneficial spaces that bring more positivity into your life.

Could feng shui work for you?

Mikaele Holzer feng shui consultant

Mikaele Holzer is a feng shui consultant and wellness coach who helps clients revitalize their lives.

According to the philosophy, you can organize, decorate and arrange your home beautifully and simply to boost creativity and financial abundance, attract love, and improve health.

We're all about creating beauty and simplicity to help you live a better life!

So, we talked with an expert: Mikaële Holzer, a feng shui consultant and wellness coach who helps clients to rejuvenate their homes and offices through feng shui, de-cluttering and organizing.

Here's what Mikaële told us:

What Exactly Is Feng Shui?

In addition to creating positive energy in your space, it's a way to use your home as a tool for personal transformation - often to bring your life back into balance. When you make changes to your environment, it can clear emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks. And this helps you manifest new things into your life.

When I help a client feng shui their home, I'm helping them declutter, organize, rearrange, and green their home to bring balance and vibrant energy back into their home - which then reflects back into their life.

What Common Problems Can It Solve?

A lot of people find that their lives get control of them. They get really busy and it just seems like life takes control. When you go in their home, you see it reflected in lots of clutter, things piled up, stagnant areas, rooms not in balance.

Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states are all reflected in our homes. A common problem is when a house reflects an old phase of life. For example, they're divorced, but there are still tons of reminders from the marriage laying around. Or, the kids are out of school and out of the house, but their belongings are still everywhere.

Now they're stuck emotionally and unable to manifest something new in their life. When we start clearing things out, rearranging furniture, looking at the symbols in the house - things start changing.

Even moving one thing can help release old energy, and get people back to the present - focusing on what they want to move forward.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started with Feng Shui

  1. Decluttering is absolutely number one. A lot of people need someone to walk them through the process and feel OK to release stuff, because they get attached. Start with one spot - for example, the bedroom closet - and pull everything out. Them make piles - definite yes, definite donate, definite sell, definite recycle. Anything aside from the "definite yes" needs to get out the house immediately - otherwise it will sneak back in!
  2. Creating a system is next. Figure out the best way to organize clothing, food, photos, digital items (yes, even digital feng shui!) so you know where everything lives. This way, it's easy to find belongings and put them back.
  3. Ask: What makes you feel at home? Whether it's the ocean, nature, antiques, a particular culture (e.g. Asian, Indian, Mediterranean) - it's different for everyone - bring those items, images or symbols into your home.
  4. Ask: What's going on in your life? Are you happy with your relationship, family, parents, career, finances, health? These trigger questions help remind you where you are and where you want to be. Using the principles of feng shui, you can set up your house to help improvements in these areas happen. You can also use the traditional feng shui "bagua" to bring awareness to the location of these areas in your home.

Have Fun!

  • Create a dream board. Use a corkboard and cut out photos of things or concepts you want to manifest, e.g. travel destinations, work situations, vibrant health, loving relationships. It's a fun process that creates a visual reminder of where you want to go in your life. Keep it updated and ever evolving!
  • Design a sacred space. Set up an area like an altar, with symbols that bring you peace, so that you can feel centered and quiet in your home. The entryway is the perfect spot so that anyone who comes through the door immediately feels peaceful and rejuvenated.

Ready to get started?

Have you ever used feng shui to guide your home design or organization? How has it worked for you? If not, are you interested in giving it a try? Let us know in the comments!

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