This Father's Day: Give Dad His Garage Back!

Did you know?

More than half (59%) of men said their garages are so cluttered that their car can’t even fit, according to the recent home organization study we conducted.

This year, instead of giving old standby gifts like ties or golf balls, with a few simple tips from California Closets, you can surprise dad by organizing the garage.

He'll be thrilled to be able to fit the car, find tools and gear, and maybe even have some additional workspace!

The Best Father's Day Gift - An Organized Garage

California Closets family garage storage

An organized garage gives you room to play!

1. Remove – If you want to really organize from the ground up, take everything out and take a good look at the space you have. You can even measure the space to be exact.

2. Throw Out – Get rid of the old and damaged. Decide what items are no longer useful, damaged, or have missing pieces and dispose.

3. Recycle – Reduce the clutter and be eco-friendly. Old newspapers, magazines, glass, aluminum, old oil, paint, batteries and electronic equipment can all be recycled curbside or at the proper recycling center.

4. Donate - Time to get rid of the things that won’t ever fit or you won’t ever use again. If the items are still usable donate to a worthy cause.

5. Group Items by Category - This ensures things are easy to find. Sample categories include sports and recreational, garbage and recycling, lawn and garden, hardware and home maintenance and tools.

6. Measure Your Car – When everything is out of your garage, pull in your cars and mark the floor where your car ends on all sides. You now know how much room you have if you want your car to fit.

7. Use Wall Space - Containers, racks, baskets and hooks keep garage contents off the floor for safety and easy access.

8. Child-proof Your Garage - Store chemicals and dangerous items in cabinets with locking doors.

We’re sure it won’t be difficult to get dad out of your hair long enough to surprise him with a clean and tidy garage. Follow these easy guidelines and his smile will last straight through to autumn.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, consider installing a custom garage storage system.

Get inspired with these garage systems - they look great and they make it easy to stay organized!

California Closets Garage_White_Sports_Work_Gardening

This clean and bright look provides ample storage for sports gear and tools.

California Closets Garage Aluminum

A sleek and modern design, with custom accessories for hanging tools.

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