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Installation for Martha Stewart Living

We recently helped Martha Stewart Living Executive Director of Decorating, Kevin Sharkey, completely redesign the closet in his gorgeous Manhattan apartment.

This month, Martha Stewart Living magazine and website are featuring the makeover and highlighting some of the unique and personal touches that help make Kevin’s new closet truly special.

Working with Kevin was a ton of fun and a great example of how even someone with an impeccable sense of design (hello, he’s the Executive Editor of Decorating for Martha Stewart!) can benefit from partnering with the expert design consultants at California Closets.Take a look at this video clip from Martha's show to hear what Kevin and Martha have to say about the project.

Hear how we worked closely with Kevin (as we do with all our clients) to understand his life, his home and his needs. For Kevin, it meant creating a space where his clothes were easily visible and accessible. It also meant creating a place for the centerpiece of his personal style—an amazing collection of neckties that Kevin has been accumulating since his first job at the tie department of a department store.

Kevin’s new closet includes a central island with custom drawers for all those ties, open shelving for sweaters and t-shirts, adjustable hanging areas and a valet hook that’s perfect for arranging tomorrow’s outfit. We also created a show closet with a door that Kevin uses as a canvas for an ever-changing collage of design inspiration.

Check out all the photos and video from Kevin’s closet makeover and head over to (we're in images 12-15!) to see what Kevin’s colleagues are saying about the new space.


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