Design Q&A: Erin Feher, California Home & Design

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Erin Feher, executive editor of California Home+Design

This month, we’re featuring a weekly series of interviews with influential design experts to find out what good design means to them and how they get inspired.

Today, meet Erin Feher, executive editor of California Home+Design and the author of the forthcoming book: Great Houses of San Francisco, 1875-1945. She lives in the Tenderloin with her husband and their many bicycles.

1. What does good design mean to you?

Good design means exceptional craftsmanship, exceptional innovation that takes the environment into consideration, the expression of a clear aesthetic statement, and most of all, an understanding of the best way to use every inch of a space.

2. What do you see in your daily life that inspires your sense of design?

I experience nearly everything with an eye towards design, both good and bad.

Some of my favorite, most inspiring recent encounters have been: the new, wider bike lanes in SF, my iPhone, Mad Men, Hayes Valley's Proxy installation, the treats at Craftsman and Wolves.

3. What’s your favorite trend in home design right now?

The renewed respect and enthusiasm for wood, especially in its nearly natural states.

4. How does your own home design reflect your aesthetic?

My home is mine and my husband's design lab. We have designed and built the majority of our furniture, and nearly everything else is modified to our specifications, from pillows to upholstery to accessories.

It's also a small space, and simplified. Small space living is something that both he and I are big believers in. It keeps us exceptionally organized.

5. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give readers for designing their home?

Do what you love, but not EVERYTHING that you love.

I have amassed enough inspiration images to fill ten homes, and the challenge is to pick just one idea for your own home and let that idea inform and inspire everything else.


I love Erin's take on good design being exceptionally crafted, custom and unique, and simplified for style and organization.

Here are some of my favorite California Closets designs that illustrate some of these principles. Which are your favorites?


This walk-in closet in our Belissima White Lago finish with Roman Walnut backing is custom designed to fit an angled ceiling. The soft wood grains create a serene and sophisticated experience.


This custom wine and coffee bar is for the simple pleasures in life. Get started in the morning and wind down at the end of a long day.



The sleek lines of our contemporary Virtuoso Collection look stunning and keep your wardrobe perfectly organized.


It doesn't work to try to incorporate every trend you love into just one room. But incorporating splashes of color, like this fashionable tangerine, keeps things lively without overdoing it.


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