Design Insights: Designing Smaller Spaces with Goodwin House

Living in a smaller space doesn’t mean sacrificing design for storage capabilities. Oftentimes, it just means creating a more creative and innovate small space design. Jeff Sredni of The Goodwin House shares some of his tips on apartment living and making the most out of small spaces.



1. Make your storage spaces beautiful – Apartment living is almost synonymous with limited storage and undifferentiated spaces. It is not, however, synonymous with living in cramped spaces that have no sense of beauty or luxury to them. By making your storage spaces beautiful, you not only heighten their functionality, but you create a new focal point in your apartment that can serve as a conversation piece at social gatherings. 


Beautiful Storage


2. Create multi-functional spaces – When tasked with designing for smaller square footage, it’s important to create a places that serve multiple purposes. For example, adding a California Closets wall bed to your apartment allows the space to serve as both a place to entertain as well as a guest room.


Wall Beds


3. Have a place for everything – This makes the maintenance of your space much easier and always ensures that your apartment or home looks not only put together, but also designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. 

Designing for smaller spaces can be challenging but very rewarding, especially when the end product perfectly suits your storage needs and design aesthetics.


Hayes Valley Goodwin House


A little more about our friends at The Goodwin House: Jeff is a multidisciplinary designer working between Los Angeles and San Francisco. From graphic design to home renovation, Jeff infuses his projects with creativity and innovation. His most recent project, The Goodwin House, is a renovation collaboration between him and his partner, Matt Walker. With Jeff's keen eye for detail and Matt's remarkable aptitude for building, the duo pushes creative projects forward with style. Follow The Goodwin House to watch the transformation!



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