Creating the Ultimate Garage


The Ultimate Garage

When it comes to most garages, the only thing “ultimate” describes is the clutter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to turn your garage from a place to pile boxes and junk to the ultimate man (or woman) cave.

Create a dream woodworking studio, a killer shop for the home mechanic, a perfectly Zen art or craft studio, or the world’s greatest practice space for your favorite (garage) band.

Your favorite activities, hobbies and passions deserve a place to flourish. And the garage is an ideal location.

  • The first step is envisioning what you want your space to become. Look at what’s currently in your garage and ask yourself if there’s a place for it in your new vision or if this is the perfect opportunity to do a little cleaning out.
  • Next, think about the activity you want to do in your new garage. Music to model building, pottery to painting, every activity has different workspace and storage needs.
  • Then comes the fun part! Head to California Closets for a complimentary design consultation and start planning your garage makeover.

California Closets has storage solutions, organizational systems and finish options to fit any need or style.

Now if you could just find a place to keep that car…



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