A Closet Worthy of a Wife

Figuring out a way to make old belongings fit into new spaces can be stressful.

My client Laurie is a busy mom of three boys who had just moved into a beautiful new home in upstate New York, but she couldn't figure out a way to share the existing master walk-in closet with her husband.

Fortunately, she had worked with me before and knew California Closets was the place to call to transform an office room into a new walk-in closet just for her!

With angled walls and electrical outlets set up for an office design, putting the closet design together was a little like doing a puzzle.

And there were a few practical needs that had to be considered:

  • It was very important to create a space that would allow the four wardrobes on one wall to separate black pants, jeans, dresses and pant suits so Laurie could easily put together outfits appropriate for work and play.
  • Plus, she owned over 100 pair of shoes and approximately 50 pair of boots between half boots and tall boots. Spring and fall are mud seasons in upstate New York!

Take a look at how the final closet design combined a beautiful aesthetic with superior organization:


Laurie's New Walk-In Closet

The island and window bench makes the walk-in closet a relaxing room to dress in, while also providing additional storage space.

Shoe Racks and Boot Shelves

Tilted shoe racks help Laurie easily see and access her over 100 pairs of shoes! Tall shelving keeps her boots in order too.

Door Panels Add Style

Translucent door panels bring a sense of style and sophistication to the room.

Contemporary Color Palette

The mix of wood grain and white finishes give the walk-in closet the feeling of walking into your own private boutique every morning.

Beauty + Functionality

The room still feels light and airy, but clearly designed with functionality in mind - plenty of shelves, cabinets, drawers and hanging rods for Laurie's entire wardrobe!


Laurie was thrilled with how her closet turned out, but probably the highest compliment came from her 14-year-old son.

He came into the dressing room a few days after the installation and said, “MOM, When you die can I get this house?"

She expressed her surprise over such a strange comment and asked where this was coming from. He said With a closet like this, I’ll be able to get a great wife!”

California Closets: The secret to getting a great wife.

California Closets design consultant Patti Muller

Patti Muller


Patti Muller has worked for California Closets Albany/Syracuse for over 15 years. She works with her clients to organize the "stuff" in their lives so that there is more harmony and ease in the home.

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