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Pre-Holiday Planning: Get Your Pantry In Order!

Here’s your early heads-up: The holidays are coming.

Our Favorite Accessories: Dividers, Rods, and Hooks

When transforming your master bedroom closet, having a good foundation with enough shelves and drawers is a terrific start, but it takes accessories to fully customize and optimize the space to perfection.

Back To School: Helping Your Kids Succeed

There's no avoiding it now. Kids are going back to school, some as early as this week!

In his adult life, Albert Einstein wore white shirts and black ties every day, because he didn't want to clutter his mind with decisions that had nothing to do with his work. By wearing the same thing every day, his mind was free to explore and imagine and learn.

Recipe for Success: Helping Your Kids Eat Better During the Summer

I think we can all agree that if there are kids involved, summer is the most chaotic season by far.

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kids' Bedrooms

Let's face it. Once school is out for the summer, kids don't want to think about teachers, books and homework for a few months. 

Designing A Craft Center To Free Creativity

Clutter is the enemy of creativity.

When you're banging your elbows, knocking stuff over, or are unable to find the tool you need - even though you had it in your hand a second ago - your creative spark will be extinguished quickly.

The Importance Of An Organized Laundry Room In Spring And Summer

It may seem counter-intuitive, but spring and summer are likely the busiest times of year for your laundry room.

Dreaming Of Summer: Prepping Your Garage For Warmer Weather

Depending on how neglected your garage was during the winter, you might have a bit more cleaning to do, but that's alright. Take a couple of hours here and there over the upcoming weekends to get things in order.

Transitioning Your Entryway From Winter To Spring

Mudrooms are where you transform from an indoor person to an outdoor person and back again. It's time to reorganize for the new season.

Roof Garden Walk-in Closet

How To Easily Declutter Your Home By 40%

You have too much stuff in your closet. The feeling of being weighed down by possessions is palpable and affects us every day. A new year is the perfect time to pare down your belongings.

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