A Place For The Guys: Creating A Man Cave

When men and women cohabitate, there is quite often a great deal of shared space. Both people collaborate to make decisions regarding decor in most of the common areas. The responsibility for decorating rooms such as the living room, bedroom, and entryway falls on the shoulders of everyone.

Settee Storage

Making Do: Working With Limited Budgets And Interesting Spaces

A mother of two was focused on organizing a couple of areas of her home, but there were two limitations: space and budget. We would have to be very creative in order to overcome these challenges.

Contemporary Men's Garage Lounge

Designing A New Kind Of Space: The Garage Lounge

There is no reason that your garage can’t be the most gorgeous room in your house.

Contemporary Media Center

Contemporary Living: Simplicity Through Design

People strive for simplicity and clean lines in their living environment because it creates a sense of serenity within the sanctuary that we call home.

Decorating With Wood Grain - Walk-in Closet

Four Great Reasons To Decorate With Wood Grains

You're not alone if you feel that decorating your home with natural-looking wood grains is more appealing than some of the more cold and hard modern finishes.

Dwell on Design 2013 Rebar Trees

Dwell on Design 2013: Outdoor Inspiration

As a mainstay of the show, Dwell Outdoor has always been showcased, but this year, the organizers brought the outdoorsto the center of the convention area -- and to great effect.

ssion Connection Ecorresin

Innovation and Responsibility: Enhancing Storage Solutions with an Eye Toward Sustainability

California Closets takes great pride in the innovation of our product line. We constantly seek partners that are forward-thinking and who support our beliefs in design.

Elizabeth Henry - Wine Bar After Photo

Maximizing And Optimizing: Creating An Office/Wine Bar Combination

May requires as much efficiency in her home as she does at work. Things need to be optimized and organized for her to feel as if she's fully utilizing a space.

The challenge was to smoothly combine two disparate functions into one beautiful design.

Bill Barton Industry Leader-300

California Closets' Barton Honored for Industry Innovations

We're very proud to announce that our CEO, Bill Barton, has been recognized as a 2012 Wood Industry Market Leader.


Bon Voyage & Welcome Home: The Ideal Entryway

We leave in the morning and come back at night, but in the end, there really is no place like home.

Organizing your entryway can make the transition from inside to outside and back again smooth and effortless.

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