The Best Three Apps for Home Improvement

Over the past year websites like and Pinterest have become hot spots for home improvement inspiration. Designers and home owners alike are taking advantage of the growing library of smartphone apps and websites to enhance their home improvement projects.

If you're handy with a smart phone, iPad or digital camera, then you can really take home remodeling projects to the next level.

Here are a few of my personal favorites with an idea or two of how you can use them on your next project!

Houzz on ipad for the iPad

1. for iPad was one of the first websites to gain popularity as a way to organize and view inspiration for home improvement projects.

You can view a wide variety of projects by style, room and even geographic location.

“Ideabooks” give you a way to tag and file what you like - and check out books by others. If you need ideas for your home improvement projects, this is the perfect place to start.

  • Tip: If you really love an item or are wondering just how large a space is, don’t be afraid to ask! Photos on Houzz are provided by the professionals who designed/installed them, and with the click of a button you can ask the source about anything!

2. MagicPlan for iPhone/iPad (Camera Needed)

Shopping for furniture? Trying to estimate how much flooring you’ll need?

MagicPlan1 screenshot


Put down the sketch paper and use MagicPlan to create a quick CAD rendering of your room by using the camera on your iOS device and MagicPlan does the rest.

The app offers simple instructions and can be calibrated for the best accuracy.

  • Tip: Next time you shop for furniture, use Magic Plan to create a quick sketch of your space. You can also take a regular photo of the room and keep it in the same file within the app. You’ll be able to have everything you need to make a decision right within your phone!

3. Sherwin Williams ColorSnap for iOS (Camera Needed)

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap

Have you ever been out somewhere and seen colors you just absolutely loved?

Whether it was a sunset, an outfit or a paint color, Sherwin Williams ColorSnap allows you to take a photo of anything and it will match the colors to a palette or single paint from its collection. It will also suggest complimentary shades.

  • Tip: Looking to bring nature inside? Next time you are out on a hike or walking the beach, snap some photos and generate some true natural color suggestions using the app. You’ll get great inspiration and ideas without trying to decide what shade of green is the most “natural”.

Using cutting edge, but user-friendly, technology is a smart way to approach your next home improvement project so you can save time while creating a look you love.

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Stephanie Scharr Bonini - California Closets Design Consultant

Stephanie Scharr Bonini



Stephanie Scharr Bonini is a California Closets design consultant based in northern Connecticut who works with clients throughout New England. She is an expert at listening carefully to her clients to achieve a perfect balance of style, function, and budget with every custom closet project.

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