Back to School: The Top Two Places to Get Organized

Summer is coming to a close and the kids are getting ready to go back to school.

So, of course, the question on your mind is: How can I keep them organized this year?

There are two main spots in your home that - if organized well - can keep clutter and stress to a minimum.

And that means: Yes, you CAN have organized kids! Here's what you need to do.

1. Kids' closets

Janssen kids room closet solution

Custom closet designs keep kids' closets neat and organized.

Getting your kids' rooms ready for back to school requires a few simple steps:


Start by putting aside a few hours (per child) to go through old clothing and determine what they don't like anymore, what doesn't fit and what is damaged. Put those items aside to donate that day or over the weekend.


As you're sorting, make a list of which essential items need to be replaced. If you just decluttered four pairs of shoes that don't fit anymore, you probably need to add "shoes" to your back to school shopping list!

With list in hand, go shopping. Keep kids focused by only shopping for what's on your list.


When you return with goodies in hand, organize them logically in your child's closet. Group them by type of clothing (for example, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sweaters, skirts). Keep frequently-worn items easily accessible so your kids can quickly locate them and put them away again.

A closet design with low hanging rods, baskets and bins makes it much easier for kids to stay organized because they can easily see what they have and where things go. Include space for a desk or work station within a wall unit so kids can do homework in a productive space.

California Closets Kids Closets

A smart kids' closet design like these California Closets examples helps you teach your children about organization.

2. Entryway

At the end of a long school day, you can't fault kids for wanting to run through the front door and drop coats, shoes, books and bags on the floor to get to snacks and playtime as quickly as possible!

That's why a well-designed entryway is indispensable. Treat it like a command central locker room - each child has his or her own area to store belongings.

Create spaces for shoes, boots, coats, backpacks, and winter gear (gloves, scarves and hats). Baskets, bins and hooks for each kid keeps piles from forming on the floor!

Organizing your entryway is also a great way to make getting OUT the door easier! No hunting around for homework or a warmer coat - everything is stored neatly and is easy to grab and go.

California Closets Custom Entryways

California Closets custom entryways help you keep your home clutter-free.


That's it! Get those two areas decluttered, well-designed and organized and you will see a major improvement in how neat your kids can be!

Tell me in the comments if these ideas and designs could work for you. And if you've found this article helpful or inspiring, please share it with your friends and family.


Ginny Snook Scott California Closets

Ginny Snook Scott


Ginny Snook Scott is the chief design officer at California Closets. She has over 25 years experience with California Closets and has helped over 1,000 clients create custom closets and organize their home. Connect with Ginny on Google+.


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