From Attic Clutter to Walk-In Closet Bliss

Attic Closet before

A "before" snapshot: Clutter in the attic was creating stress-filled mornings.

My client used to be in the jewelry and accessory sales business and so, not surprisingly, she loves to coordinate her outfits with her shoes, jewelry and other needed sidekicks.

But she had a problem.

Every closet, from her linen closet to her office closet - and even her attic - was packed full of clothes, which left almost no room for her 400+ shoes and drawers of jewelry.

She was frustrated that her daily morning rituals included pulling down the attic stairs and climbing up to pick out her outfit and shoes - and, in the process, running late for work.

The plan? Take her office and transform it into the custom walk-in closet she'd always wanted.

A Brilliant Solution

California Closets Walk-In Closet with Island

After: A home office transformed into a dreamy walk-in closet.

I took the measurements of her clothing and documented each closet in the house that was filled to the max with her clothes. I even climbed the stairs to the attic and measured what she was keeping up there.

With this data in hand, I was able to design the new master closet so it would contain her most often worn clothing and eliminate the climb to the attic every day.

We wouldn't be able to fit all of her belongings, but we'd be able to stop the daily chaos of searching the attic.

Plus, we would display all of her jewelry in one place so she could accessorize with ease.

The final closet design contains a mixture of hanging rods and shelvesfor her favorite dresses, pants, jackets, tops and sweaters.

California Closets Walk-In Closet Island Jewelry Storage

After: Her new island contains plenty of storage and display space for her beloved accessories.

A centrally located island contains drawers for her jewelry on either side. The closet has belt racks and a valet rod to make it easier to pick out an outfit the night before.

She chose a rich cognac finish for and elegant look. Custom-brushed nickel handles pop against the modern, flat drawer fronts.

The island features a black granite counter top and plenty of jewelry inserts in both acrylic and velvet.

A Closet to Love

At the end of the day, my client loves her custom closets!

After the installation, she had two days to organize it before company came to visit for Easter. She was so into the design and the organization that she went out and bought velvet hangers for all of her clothing.

I was so pleased to help her make the best use of the extra space in her home by converting her office into a walk-in closet.

Now that she can easily see all of wardrobe in one location those stressful mornings of getting ready in five parts of the house are over!


Nichole Goulet Headshot

Nichole Goulet


Nichole Goulet is a design consultant at California Closets New England. She has a bachelor's degree in Interior Design/Architecture. Her favorite thing to do is organize a space where it is functional and beautiful.

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