The Anatomy of a Perfect Pantry

Whether you have a large or small space to work with, a well-organized and stocked pantry can make life easier by simplifying meal preparation and school lunch packing, as well as making cooking more enjoyable.

But what does the perfect pantry look like?

The key to good pantry design is to create zones: smaller compartments where products can be separated into logical categories such as baking supplies, dried grains, snacks, and produce. This makes ingredients and tools easy to find, use and put back.

Use storage accessories to create these zones. Here are my top five accessories to use in your perfect pantry:

Snack Drawers

A snack drawer or two that is divided into six compartments is a great place to store snack foods and sack lunch items. Place at a height that the kids can reach so they can assist in packing their own lunches.

California Closets Pantry Snack Drawer

Canned Drawers

Slide-out can drawers are a great place to house cans and jarred goods in a way that you can easily find what you are looking for without needing to move things all around.

California Closets Pantry drawer

Produce Baskets

Slide-out baskets are a great place to store root vegetables. Metal baskets allow air circulation from all sides which prolongs shelf life.

Natural Rattan Baskets in White Pantry Cabinetry

Spices and Wine Racks

Slide-out wine racks allow for proper sideways bottle storage. Spices can be easily organized and accessed this way as well.

Slide Out Brass Wine Racks in Cherry Pantry

Pantry Verticals

Vertical shelves can be a great place to store and access grocery bags and oversized bake ware.

California Closets Pantry Vertical Shelves

What do you think? Would the perfect pantry organizers help you enjoy cooking and meal prep more?


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California Closets KrisAnne Mehan

KrisAnne Mehan


With a love for design and organization, KrisAnne Mehan is passionate about working with homeowners, designers and developers to create custom storage solutions that function well and look great. She is a design consultant and sales manager at California Closets Seattle-Bellevue.


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