Before & After: Multi-Purpose Laundry & Playroom

My client wanted it all.

She's a very busy attorney, head of the legal department for a leading national newspaper. She was expecting her first child and needed to get her outdated laundry room ready for her new arrival.

The problem? The space was not working at all and she was panicked about getting everything in order before a newborn joined the family.


She wanted a prettier space that she could feel more organized in and that would function as a multi-purpose room, with lots of practical storage for the new baby's things.

She also wanted to have a space that could evolve as her family grows and changes. The system also had to come together in a cohesive way and be a valuable asset to her Victorian city home.

I assured her that it was possible to have everything she wanted in one custom design - and that we could complete it quickly, before the baby was born. (We wound up signing the design approvals in the hospital - the baby was early!)

California Closets Laundry Room Before 2

BEFORE: My client's laundry room was inefficient and disorganized -  and not at all baby-ready.


We incorporated a variety of practical storage solutions into the design so the space could efficiently service as a multi-purpose room. It was important to design it as an inviting space, where she could feel comfortable and happy.

The room transformed into a laundry room and playroom, with some key features:

  • Lots of fresh, clean lines.
  • Easy care finishes.
  • Frosted glass inserts.
  • Crown moulding to add some elegance and relate to the home's character.
  • Many different sizes of linen-lined, pull-out baskets to store a baby's many things, and then become linen and utility storage as the room's function changes.

How did my client feel about the final design? "I love it. I would be toast without it," she said.

California Closets Multi Functional Laundry Room

AFTER: Stacked washing machine and dryer make use of vertical space, while frosted glass cabinets and corner shelving create abundant storage.


California Closets Laundry & Playroom

The laundry room can now double as a playroom, where the little one's toys are neatly stored in attractive slide-out baskets.

California Closets Laundry Room storage

The frosted glass panels add an elegant style to a practical room, a great fit for this beautiful Victorian home.

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Derek Price is a design consultant at California Closets Toronto and was voted Designer of the Year in 2011. He believes that outstanding organization always begins with great design. He's dedicated to creating spaces that successfully combine both form and function.

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