Before & After: From Chaos to Award-Winning Elegance

Walk-in closet before

BEFORE: The couple's walk-in closet wasn't designed for their organizational needs and lifestyle.

My clients were working parents with young children. They craved an elegant, chaos-free space where they could talk while getting ready together each morning.


In their master bedroom, they had two small, dimly lit walk-in closets with inefficient storage.

Valuable floor space was taken up by laundry baskets and the wife’s handbags and shoeboxes. The children were in danger of things falling on them as they played on the floor.

The rods were hung so the clothing partially blocked the closet entrance.


The interior designer, Amy Yin, built a new wall along one end of the oversized bedroom to create more space for a 6 x 25 walk-in closet. Then she called me in to carefully plan the layout with a balance of open and closed storage.

The wife wanted space for her work dresses and sweaters, as well as everything picked up off the floor.

The husband wanted open shelves for his plentiful t-shirts, AV equipment and charging stations.

California Closets custom walk-in - North Jersey

To help the closet feel more like a room, we added layers of light with three brass Jonathan Adler pendants and a large sun tunnel for natural light throughout the day. We were able to give them everything on their wish list, including keeping the “secret door” that leads to their sons’ bedrooms (not pictured).

California Closets lighting - North Jersey

The interior designer and homeowner wanted to create a clean, modern interior. We selected Chocolate Pear with flat drawer faces. The grid-like pattern of the bank of drawers and the pattern created by the dark shelves and poles against the white walls was reflected in the design of the lighting at the ceiling.

California Closets walk-in - North Jersey

My clients loves their new closet and master bedroom, for which their designer won a 2012 Interior Design Society National Designer of the Year award!

They cherish their time together in the morning as they prepare for the busy day ahead in their beautiful, closet oasis of calm and order.

And at the end of the day, now that the floor is clear and everything can easily be put away in its place, their young sons can safely crawl around and play hide and seek in their parents’ closet.


Elizabeth Frey-Davis North Jersey California Closets design consultant

Elizabeth Frey-Davis


Elizabeth Frey-Davis is a design consultant at California Closets North Jersey. She enjoys working with hundreds of clients in the Northern and Central New Jersey area to create storage solutions in their homes and businesses.

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