Adding Value to Your Home with California Closets

Custom Wardrobe Boost Home Value

A custom wardrobe can boost the value of your home.

The recession has done more than slow the housing market, it’s changed the very way we think about “home.” Or, maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s changed it back to the way we used to think about home.

Not so very long ago, people didn’t look at home as a quick-turn investment, but rather a place to build value (not to mention memories) over time. As home sales have slowed, this way of thinking about where we live is once again gaining popularity.

So what does all that have to do with California Closets?


The home storage solutions California Closets offers are a great way to add true and lasting value to any home. And, as we stay longer in our homes, the ways California Closets enhances your quality of life are more important than ever.

California Closets has been recognized as the leader in organization and storage for more than three decades. It’s the name people know and it’s the name they look for when they’re buying a home. Investing in California Closets customized storage will help you sell your home when the time comes.

And, in the meantime it will enhance your enjoyment of home. Convert a wasted corner into a home office workspace. Take a cramped closet under the stairs and transform it into a wine cellar. Add a wall bed to a family room. Even turn your garage into the ultimate man (or woman) cave.

Then stop and enjoy your “new” home.


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