The 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Garage

Your garage gets a workout with road trips, camping gear, pool toys, gardening tools, snow shovels, automotive supplies and more.

Is the clutter starting to build?

You might need some help. Turn your garage into a fun, usable space with these nine garage storage tips!

The 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Garage 

California Closets garage with large slat wall

Garage storage design that works for you: No piles, no clutter, no boxes. Create storage areas and work stations with cabinets, slat walls, hooks, drawers and more.

1. Cabinets: Built-in cabinets are a great way to organize everything from extra files to sports equipment. Everything gets hidden away neatly, so there is never unsightly clutter. Storage never looked so good.

2. Lighting: Items are more likely to get lost if you can't even see into the corners. Install lighting above storage spots and work stations so you can access everything you need easily and quickly.

3. Hanging: Remember to use the vertical space in your garage to get organized. You probably have at least two walls that can be used to get items off the ground. Use slat walls, racks, hooks, baskets and bins to organize everything from nails and screws to ski boots and bikes.

4. Tools: Organize your tools so they're easy to find. Keep what you use frequently in sight with vertical hanging storage either inside or outside of a cabinet. More specialized items can be stored in drawers or tool boxes, minimizing your need to go digging to find a hammer.

5. Color: Make your space happy with a coat of paint on walls or vertical storage. It's widely known that color can affect mood, so why ignore painting your garage, just because it's a utility room? Add some life to those walls with blues, yellows, or a deep burgundy.

6. Shelves: Store boxes or even flower pots with customized shelving that fits your needs. Go high with items you don't need to access regularly and use the space below for hanging space.

7. Magnets: Use a magnetic strip for drill bits and small tools that get lost in drawers.

8. Labels: Let others know what's inside drawers or cabinets to ensure continued organization. Or cover door fronts with chalkboard paint for quick and quirky labeling that's easy to change when needed.

9. Clear Storage: Whether it's glass or clear plastic, transparent jars and bins are great for nails, screws, and other little necessities. Line a shelf or two or use deep drawers with labeled caps so you can find the perfect fastener when you need it.

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We're often very good at ignoring the garage – it's a huge space and something we'll get around to organizing "later." After reading these simple garage storage ideas I hope you're inspired to make the most of your garage!

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