4 Steps to a Gorgeous Closet

It's amazing how simple it is to create an organized closet that you actually enjoy using every day!

Whether you've installed a custom closet or have another system in place, try these four easy steps to beautify your wardrobe organization.

California Closets White Bedroom Custom Closet

A well-lit closet brightens up your wardrobe and your day.

1. Make your closet feel like a boutique.

You'll feel like you're shopping in an intimate, gorgeous setting that's just for you! Add a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper to the space to make clothes look brighter and feel new. Swap out light fixtures for a small pretty chandelier. Add fresh scents, whether through flowers, potpourri or cedar blocks.

With these little touches, you'll feel like you're on a deluxe shopping spree each time you pick out a new outfit.

2. For an instant – and free – makeover in any closet of the house, get rid of the top enemies of order.

These are items that almost everyone has in their closet and are most likely culprits in preventing your closet from looking decorated and organized. These include: promotional T-shirts and trinkets, wire dry-cleaner hangers, old toiletries, clothes that haven’t been worn in two years, orphan socks, free-gift and impulse-buy cosmetics, and “bargains” you couldn’t pass up but never use.

California Closets Sliding Chrome Baskets

California Closets sliding chrome baskets are one example of organizing with style and purpose in mind.

Sell, donate or recycle items and say hello to a beautiful new closet!

3. Use decorative storage pieces like open wicker baskets or wire baskets to store socks, scarves, travel items, and other smaller closet items.

They have a lighter feel than bulky chests or drawers and usually hold more. You can also see what’s inside without opening them.

4. To achieve an aesthetically appealing bedroom closet, group clothes by type and color.

This provides for a space that is pleasing to the eye, yet is still functional.

Additionally, double check that your closet lights are equipped with fresh bulbs for added glow.  Natural colored lighting will make clothes look brighter and more appealing.

See? It's easy! Try these steps in your master bedroom closet and see how it changes the whole look and feel of your closet.

Let us know how it works for you,  or if you have any ideas to add!

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