10 Smart Tips for Home Office Organization

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A neat and organized home office boosts your productivity.

Your home office is where you need to be the most productive, to keep up with household finances and projects - or even your own small business.

So, it's vital to keep everything neat and organized. Clutter can quickly sap energy and productivity.

Here are our top ten tips for home office organization:

1. Create files for household paperwork by category, such as bills (by service type or vendor), insurance, taxes, and receipts.

2. Take advantage of space in your office cabinet to store a lockbox for personal files (e.g. passports, birth certificates), electronic equipment, instruction manuals, and supplemental office supplies (e.g paper, file folders, envelopes).

3. Keep a recycle bin near your mail area and discard junk mail immediately.

4. Save paper by re-using sheets that are only printed on one side. Write on them as scrap paper, or better yet, print or copy on the non-printed side.

5. Keep stationery and correspondence in one place: cards, note paper, envelopes, and stamps.

6. Write new contact information in your address book (paper or digital) as you receive it.

7. Create a notebook or folder for magazine articles, recipes, catalog items, and so on, to avoid unwanted accumulation of entire magazines.

8. If you're right handed, store your most-used items in your right-hand drawers. If you’re a lefty, store them on the left.

9. Take advantage of vertical space to store office supplies and files in drawers or cubbies.

10. Keep your desk space clear and uncluttered, with only the most used items on its surface, such as pen, pencil, notepad and Post-It notes.

What other tactics do you use to keep your home office neat and organized?

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