Wall Beds Birmingham

Every square inch of space in your home is valuable real estate. Making the most of what you have is the business of California Closets. Space will always be limited and finding ways to save some is important to homeowners. Besides custom closets and other tools of efficient home organization California Closets Birmingham has wall beds, also known as Murphy beds.

About California Closets Birmingham’s Wall Beds

The largest piece of furniture in almost any home is the bed. Imagine being able to make it disappear in an instant and also summon it back just as fast. Wall beds are nifty contraptions that allow you exactly that degree of flexibility and afford you more control over how you use your home.

Guests will love you

Your guests are polite and will never complain about having to sleep on an inflatable mattress or on the couch. But if you cannot add a guest room to you house, you can come close and the guests will love you for it. Take any of the spare rooms in the house – the home office or the entertainment room for example – and add wall beds Birmingham to them. Your guests will appreciate the comfort and privacy of this arrangement.

Modern apparatus 

Contemporary wall beds designed by California Closets Birmingham avoid the pitfalls of the older generation ones. Using a simple lever, lifting or lowering the bed requires no exertion at all. It is safe and simple to operate. Another advantage of the new wall beds is that they can be designed to blend in with the pre-existing décor of the room.

Order Wall Beds Birmingham

Contact California Closets Birmingham for wall beds by phone or by web. It is a headache-less process and a fulfilling reward.