3 Tips to Save Time with Closet Organizers

If you've ever been stuck rummaging through piles of papers, clothes, or that seemingly endless amount of "miscellaneous" items in your Birmingham home to find what you need in your closet, you know the frustrations of lack of closet organization. Just because something in in a closet, as opposed to on the floor of your bedroom, doesn't mean it is instantly organized and accessible. Accessibility gives you more of your most valuable asset -- time. Take these 3 tips from the queen of time-saving techniques, Martha Stewart, to utilize closet organizers in your Florence house:

3 Closet Organizer Tips

Avoid Coat Pile-ups

Piles of coats — whether they be on hangers or on the floor — are the sign of a poor closet organizer system. And when you're running late, you need to be able to find the best coat that works with your wardrobe and the weather in Birmingham. Talk to your California Closets Birmingham designer about your coat closet organizer needs and you'll never be rummaging through coat piles again.

Post-Holiday Bliss

After the holidays in Birmingham are over, pack away your ornaments and protect them from damage during the months of storage with this handy Martha tip: Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to line the bottom of a plastic storage bin. Then use a hot-glue gun to attach paper cups to the cardboard. Wrap ornaments in tissue paper, and place in cups. Then stack cardboard-and-cup flats inside the container. Store smaller ornaments in egg cartons. Stack the whole thing away in a safe, dry place — your California Closets craft room, perhaps. Come next season, you'll have easy access to all of your holiday ornaments, saving you the extra time you would have taken to dig through everything to find what you want to use that year.

Label, Label, Label

When you can see at a glance the contents of a storage box within your Birmingham closet organizer, you will save a lot of time not having to dig through all of them! But don't use sticky labels: they are not only messy, but they are hard to update. Instead, make tags by attaching unlined index cards to clothespins. This way, you can mark anything easily -- from plain shoeboxes to fancier bins. When it's time to relabel, just unclip the old card and fasten on a new one.

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