Finding Garage Bike Storage Solutions

Get on Two Wheels!

With more and more communities celebrating Bike to Work Day there's never been a better time to join the "Pedal Revolution." Bike storage in your garage is the perfect place to keep or tune up your own bicycle or those of your family members young and old.

Finding Garage Bike Storage Solutions

Bikes are a practical method of transport, yet finding the best way to keep them can be a challenge. From tricycles for toddlers to racing bikes for mom and dad, there are a variety of bike storage garage options to keep your wheels neat and organized. Storing your bicycle properly also keeps your bikes safe from scratches and dings as well as wet conditions which can lead to rust on moving parts. Garage bike storage will also provide you with more space for your car and other large items like lawn mowers and snow blowers.

Classic Bike Stand: Like those you see on the street, there's a slot for a front or back wheel that keeps the bike upright without falling over. These bike storage garage solutions can hold one or multiple bikes, depending on the model, often taking up a fair amount of floor space. Don't confuse these with bike repair stands, which aren't meant for storage (and often much more expensive!)

Bicycle Hooks: By getting off the floor, you instantly add space with this bike storage garage solution. The bike hangs by the front wheel, either parallel or perpendicular to the wall. Excellent way to make the most of space under other storage shelves.

Bicycle Hoists: Here, off the ground is even more extreme. Pulley systems hoist your bike to the ceiling, well out of harm's way. Release is simple and safe – an excellent way to make the most of high ceiling space.

Bike Racks: Models include a simple shelf that holds a bike and helmet to more complex multi-tiered systems with some bikes suspended above others sharing the same base and pole. These are great for families with multiple bikes, whether wall-mounted or free-standing units.

Bike Storage: The Garage Is Just The Start

If you bike for fun or as a form of transportation, it's important to keep your ride in the best shape possible. Just as you care for a car, so should you store and maintain these energy-saving two-wheelers. With your bikes easily accessible instead of a tangled mess in the corner, both you and your family can gear up for the next Bike to Work or School Day in style.

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