Beverly Hills Wall Beds

It’s important to have a decent place for guests to sleep besides the couch when people come to visit. Not everyone can or wants to dedicate a whole room to a guest bedroom for guests who only visit on occasion. A Beverly Hills wall bed are an ideal solution to this problem. Beverly Hills wall beds bear little resemblance to the rusty, uncomfortable, creaky and hard to use wall beds you’re likely imagining. Beverly Hills wall beds are stupendously comfortable - regular beds have nothing on a Beverly Hills wall bed. Your guests won’t feel like they’re getting lackluster treatment by any means. In fact you may find yourself questioning the sense of having a standard bed that dominates so much of a room, when a Beverly Hills wall bed would do just as well.

Sensibility And Comfort

Beverly Hills Wall Beds: The Apotheosis Of Beds

Whether you’re looking for a way to accommodate visiting guests or considering making the switch from a standard bed to a Beverly Hills wall bed yourself, you’ll be delighted with the amount of space you are able to save as a result of switching. Space to exercise or work on dance routines, paint or rehearse music is now available to you that would have otherwise been yielded to the chronically in-the-way standard bed that you currently have. 

Peerless Quality In A Variety Of Styles 

As is the case with all California Closets products, Beverly Hills wall beds are available in as wide and varied a selection as possible so that our clients can find products that are in step with their sensibilities and home decor. 

Explore The Exciting World Of Beverly Hills Murphy Beds 

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