Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Berkeley

Berkeley residents are no stranger to unconventional thinking. If a good idea comes along that at first feels unfamiliar, they will give that idea its day in court rather than reject it out of hand. Adding Berkeley wall beds is an idea that deserves consideration. Whether you’re looking for a way to better accommodate house guests when they come to visit, or are simply looking to get the most out of the space you have available to you, Berkeley murphy beds are an excellent solution. Impress neighbors and friends with your open-mindedness and consider a Berkeley wall bed.

Just A Good Idea

Berkeley Murphy Beds: Visually Appealing & Smart

Berkeley wall beds are nothing like the image of a wall bed you probably have in your mind. When many of our customers think of wall beds they think of uncomfortable, unsightly, poorly-constructed eye sores in cramped apartments. Berkeley murphy beds are absolutely nothing like this. Forget what you think you know. These beds are dazzlingly comfortable, sleek, and aesthetically tasteful. They’re also exceedingly easy to use.

A World Of Use

Berkeley wall beds are simply a good idea. Whether or not you’re making up for the lack of a spare bedroom, or space isn’t an issue for you at all - Berkeley murphy beds just make sense. An alarming amount of space is constantly in use with a standard bed. That space becomes available to you once you make the switch to a Berkeley wall bed. This opens the door for morning yoga or dance routines, space to practice with a musical ensemble, or daytime at-home office work.

Berkeley Wall Beds Are The Future!

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