Home Design Berkeley

If you had all day to contemplate it, you couldn’t imagine a more diverse, open, willing-to-try-anything place than Berkeley, California. Home of the internationally esteemed University of California, Berkeley displays it’s diversity among the people who live, matriculate and teach in this bustling hamlet across the bay from San Francisco. Naturally, a diverse people choose different types of home designs to live in, and Berkeley is no exception. To thrive here, you need to offer your customers a wide selection of options, which is why California Closets’ home design Berkeley is the right product for custom designed bedrooms, entryways, wall beds, home offices, media centers, pantries, closets and garages. We do it all to perfection.

What Do You Need To Make Your Home Unique?

Take a walk throughout your house and parts of it call out for attention.  Frustrated with stuffing everything in your closets and garage only to later be unable to find it, or have to climb over a bunch of stuff to grab what you want?  Wouldn’t it be nice to use your garage for your car? 

Or what about those areas where you enter and exit your home – your entryway and pantry – are you stumbling over all those things piled in your way that someday you might need outside the house?  And that empty room that you’ve designated to be your home office some day? Wouldn’t it be great to put a well-thought out California Closets home design Berkeley office system in there?

Call Us For A No-Obligation Consultation

You need not spend one more second imagining how your home could look with all the various beautifully stylish upgrades that California Closets can design and build for you.  That’s because one of our Design Consultants will come to your home and will give you a free, no-obligation assessment.  Just point our designer to that part of your house you want to look like a million bucks, and we’ll take it from there!