Garage Storage Berkeley

The city of Berkeley is known for its urban feel and busy little streets. Despite its status as a satellite city of San Francisco rather than an expansive suburb, garage culture thrives here. Garage storage is important for Berkeley homes and California Closets is here for all your garage organization needs.

Versatility with Garage Storage Berkeley

Whatever use you make of your garage, having it properly organized is important. Some homeowners use their garages primarily for parking cars while others utilize the space as a workshop or storage room. For most people the garage is a hybrid.

Here are some common functions and corresponding garage storage Berkeley expects:

1. The near-professional athlete: While some athletes can make a living by competing, most athletes are working people who do their sport on the side as a passion. Their garage becomes an outfitting zone for their outdoor adventures, especially in the case of action sports. The gear associated with mountain biking, snowboarding or kayaking is considerable and having a system to organize it is the only way to keep from losing things.

2. The amateur mechanic: Whether you are into bicycles, cars, land mowers or small aircraft, you require tools and parts. We offer Berkeley garage storage customized with the right kind and amount of racks and drawers.

3. The garage band musician: we typically think of garage bands as grungy teenagers who practice in the garage but in reality, many people use their garages as home recoding studios to support their talents. Musical equipment is large and cumbersome but custom garage storage can help your Berkeley home stay organized and efficient.

The Garage Storage Berkeley Depends On

California Closets Berkeley has been providing the neighborhood with garage storage solutions for over 25 years. Come join the community of satisfied homeowners!