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Berkeley residents are accustomed to thinking out of the box. An unusually strong individualist bent can be found in Berkeley, and this extends to all aspects of life - including home design. Our Berkeley customers seek a home design scheme that is out of the ordinary and distinct from the established norm. The aggregate features of their home should reflect the diverse and broad-spectrum sensibility of the home-owner. Berkeley custom closets are an ideal fit for Berkeley residents because Berkeley custom closets exist completely outside the mass-produced standard closet fare. Our Design Consultants delve deep into the creative wells of each of our clients to extract design ideas that are utterly unique, impressively functional, and totally gorgeous.

A Top Tier Closet Designed By You

Berkeley Custom Closets: A Unique Home Enhancement

There are a couple of primary concerns that often deter people from moving ahead with a Berkeley custom closets project. The first is that the project will be more involved, protracted, and complicated than they would like. This is not so. Our Design Consultants have been at this for over thirty years. They know how to get a job done quickly, and what factors must be considered in order to carry off a swift and precise closet installation. The second concern most people have is that they don’t know how to design a closet. This is also something you needn’t worry about. You don’t need to know the first thing about closet design when collaborating with our Design Consultants - they’ve got all the expertise you’ll need.

A Beautiful Addition To Your Home

A Berkeley custom closet will enhance your life in a meaningful and profound way. Take a look at our portfolio if you’re not convinced. These closets are simply exquisite and will brighten your days, your home, and your life.

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