Closet Systems Berkeley

Moving into the beautifully aged Victorian-style houses in Berkeley lends a charm and aesthetic that is unquantifiable in most people’s eyes. Unfortunately this allure does not necessarily mean modern accommodations that help keep our spaces looking as magical as they should.

Berkeley Closet Systems: An Update In Timelessness

At California Closets we are always looking to improve the look of your home.  This does not necessarily mean modernizing it, but rather taking something like a classic look, and building a strong foundation to make it work better for you.

Berkeley closet systems have a way of incorporating an existing style of a room or home and simply taking those spaces to the next level.  In your closets and organizational spaces, this means creating and installing the right kind of organizational components for your personal needs.  Perhaps for you that is a built-in closet with lots of drawers and racks and storage for your small reach-in closet.

Berkeley closet systems are designed to match and shape a myriad of aesthetics and are custom-built to fit you.  Take it to the next level by building your very own office space in your home so that you can flawlessly integrate the work you do from home without compromising all the playing that you do on the side.

Berkeley Closet Systems: A Personal Design

You are the creative mastermind behind your Berkeley closet systems.  Don’t let that creative energy go to waste.  You have nothing to lose by calling to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our amazing designers in the comfort of your home.