Murphy Beds Bellevue

One of the fastest spreading home design ideas right now is adding a Murphy bed to a room. Bellevue’s franchise of California Closets specializes in furnishing homes with beds that seamlessly fold into the wall. The independently owned and operated franchise has served the area for almost three decades.

About California Closets Bellevue Murphy Beds

Do your guests always have to sleep on the couch? Is the dusty blow-up mattress not making the best impression?

Whether you want to add an option to your home office to host guests or want to turn a guest room into a workspace when no one is visiting, Murphy beds can help. Bellevue homeowners who want to eat their cake and have it too can do so. For increased functionality and flexibility in a growing family’s house, this is one of the best options.

With sophisticated design techniques, Murphy beds can also look good. California Closets Bellevue can make your folded-up Murphy bed look like a media center or a closet system. They will integrate the design to match the interior of the room with proper trim and color. 

Having shrugged off the comedic reputation of a dysfunctional device with a mind of its own, Murphy beds are widely spreading in cities like Bellevue. There is not better way to add flexibility and functionality to home. With a modern mechanism lowering and lifting them is safe and requires only the lightest touch.

California Closets Bellevue Murphy Beds Are a Smart Choice

Homeowners across the Puget Sound region know where to turn for all their home organizations needs. The home of custom design is California Closets Bellevue. Murphy beds are particularly efficient way to maximize space in your home.