Custom Cabinets Bellevue

Many people come and see the beautiful showrooms of California Closets displaying luxurious and sophisticated closet design, but for those who have not worked with us before, it is unclear how the magic happens. They ask, "could I have such beautiful custom cabinets in my Bellevue home?"

The Magic Behind California Closets Bellevue’s Custom Cabinets

Of course they can! This article is meant to dispel the myth and explain how a catalog-worthy design can enter a home.

The first step in the design process is a meeting between the customer and our professional designer. Our expert comes for a free in-home consultation in Bellevue and that is how the custom cabinets project is born.

In this meeting, we help you identify your goals for the storage space, asking guiding questions such as, how is the current set-up falling short? How do you envision using it in the future? We then assess the space for its storage capacity, examining the potential for vertical and horizontal storage and determining what the wall is able to hold.

In the next step, we go to the drawing board, taking the customer’s aspirations and inspirations and applying them to the dimensions of the storage space. The custom cabinets are almost ready for their Bellevue home.

The result is a three dimensional model that can be virtually walked through. In this way the customer can explore the design and make adjustments, or simply experiment with different options. The creative juices are fully flowing at this point.

The Final Stage Before the Custom Cabinets Are Ready

With the design finalized, the custom cabinets are manufactured near Bellevue and then sent to the installation team. Taking less than one day for completion our team will then install the closets in the customer’s house.