Wall Beds Belle Meade

Revamp that uninspiring room in your home into something useful and beautiful. Something that will give you pride, that you’d be happy to show off to guests. Whether it is a home office, media center, guest room or den, make it stand out and be more functional with a Belle Meade wall bed. Made by California Closets, Belle Meade wall beds exemplify state of the art construction and unparalleled design. What’s more, they can be custom made to fit perfectly into your room, and comport to your unique sense of design.

Belle Meade Wall Beds Have the Design Details

Imagine a wall bed flawlessly designed to integrate a closet, office, media center or wardrobe system, and that can be quickly installed into the right room in your home.  Imagine a wall bed system that artfully hides a comfortable bed behind a face and finish that fits your style perfectly.  A California Closets Belle Meade wall bed transforms your imagination into reality.  Select unique grain textures and elegant colors that will enhance any interior design configuration. You have the opportunity to make that perfect choice from a large number of colors and finishes.  It could be light or dark colors, wood-grained or sold – the ideal choice to bring both color and refinement to any room awaits you.

With Belle Meade Wall Beds, You Get The Finest Product Features

Engineered mechanisms that will provide flawless service for many years of regular use, hardware that operates smoothly for opening and closing, simplicity of design for easy functional use – these are just some of the product features built into all California Closets Belle Meade wall beds.

Ready, Willing and Able to Serve

A Belle Meade wall bed design consultant is available to offer you complimentary advice about creating a custom wall bed system that will delight you.  Make an appointment and get more information about California Closets’ wall beds now.