Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Bellaire

At California Closet, we pride ourselves in helping you use your space in the most optimal way. One example is our magnificent Bellaire wall beds, which hide away flush into your home furnishings to free up space during the day, and fold down simply and fluidly to allow an extra bed for you or your guests when it comes time for sleep.

Comfortable Convenience

With a Bellaire wall bed, you’ll get the comfort and convenience of a Murphy bed built of the absolute highest quality.  We work with you to put together a system which allows for the most use of your space, but also doesn’t slack on the comfort.  We agree that sleep is important and underrated, so we make sure to build you a bed and wall simultaneously.

Build Your Own

We work with you to customize your wall bed so that it fits in flush with your wall during the day.  We come to you with a number of options on colors, materials, designs and layouts.  You give us the vision and pick the rooms/locations, and we’ll work with you to draw up plans for your Bellaire wall beds.  Then our builders will come and make your dream a reality!

The Rest You Deserve

No bed should ever feel lumpy and uncomfortable like a pool bar couch.  At California Closets, we understand sleep makes the world go around.  That’s why we use only the highest quality materials to build our Bellaire wall beds, making sure they fold and roll out easily, and are built well.  This way, when you or your guests lie down to get some rest, you won’t have to deal with creaking or discomfort, even with a night of movement.

Your Wall Beds Bellaire A Phone Call Away

If you’re ready to turn a room into a dual-purpose, fully functional and comfortable bedroom, call today.  We’ll get started planning your Bellaire wall beds!