Wall Beds Bel Air

Normally when people think about wall beds, the images conjured up are of less than comfortable sleeping arrangements. All that has changed with wall beds Bel Air. California Closets has remained at the forefront of home storage solutions, and this extends to bed storage as well. Our amazing wall beds are not your typical fold out. These wall beds Bel Air are built using innovative mattress technology that ensures comfort at every turn. You’ll think of these beds not just in case of emergency, but as luxurious design elements within your home. We are pleased to present you with a convenient new product made of superior materials, all held to the quality standard of excellence that is California Closets. What are you waiting for?

Improve Your Guests Stay

Trustworthy Wall Beds Bel Air

Getting started on your own wall beds Bel Air has never been easier. A professional member of our design team will work closely with you to determine the best place for your new bed. Explore traditional fold down models, or discover our “roll out” wall bed. All of these designs are easy to use. Never again will you have to worry about a wall bed getting “stuck” when you choose wall beds Bel Air. Provide a good nights sleep at a moments notice without the worry of a bed malfunction.

Incredibly Stylish Beds

As always, California Closets maintains an exemplary array of colors and wood grains to match the decor in any home. Customize stored wall bed surfaces to blend effortlessly, or create more storage when the beds are not in use. View our online image gallery for inspiration--perhaps you’ll find some ideas that are perfect for your home as well.

Opportunity Awaits

Remember, all types and sizes of rooms are suitable for our wall beds Bel Air. Call today for a complimentary in-home consultation. Together we will find the scenario best suited to your home.